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Nate Lueck 31U True North  Eurorack Case

"Every detail is exactly how it should be, nothing missing, nothing extraneous."

Nate Lueck
Canadian Born Musician, Composer and Producer

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Alan Wilkis (Big Data) eurorack case

“I am absolutely in love with my
Eurorack case."

Alan Wilkis
Big Data / Music Producer / Composer

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Jamie Lidell 19U Eurorack Case

"Beauty and function in perfect harmony... It’s a thing of utter class."

Jamie Lidell
Musician, Soul-singer and Podcast Host of
Hanging Out with Audiophiles

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eurorack case 27u black swan | EurorackModularcase.com

“It is Eurorack Nirvana!"

Proud owner of 27U The Black Swan

lev perrey eurorack case lander

"Brock is an artist and a master craftsman who worked closely with me throughout the entire process."

Lev Perrey
VP of Product
Universal Audio

powered eurorack modular case large format

“It’s absolutely a work of art and Brock is truly a talented guy and
amazing to work with.”

David Forman

eurorack modular case didier lean rachou

"A true gentleman, artist and a veritable raconteur par excellence, Brock’s passion for his work is infectious."

Didier Lean Rachou
ASCAP Television Composer of the Year

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15u eurorack modular case

“If you are looking for a world class Eurorack case with absolutely no compromises, this is quite possibly the finest in the world!"

Ivo Ivanov
Founder and CEO of Glitchmachines

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15u eurorack modular case

“Brock makes absolutely brillant cases, a genius woodworker who puts so much love and care into his designs."

Benn Jordan
Recording Artist - The Flashbulb

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18u eurorack modular case

“My productivity in the studio has been completely revolutionized for the better."

Tyler Doty

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15u eurorack modular case

“The case was built quickly and receiving the shipment was a breeze (it was well packed). Thanks again!"

John Forester

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18u eurorack modular case powered

“I couldn’t be happier with the case. They are talented, passionate, and so importantly communicative throughout the whole process."

Charles Dworetz
Video Game Sound Designer

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12u eurorack modular case

“Far surpassed any expectation for helpful, personable customer service and top-notch craftsmanship."

Andy Wegman

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15u eurorack modular case

“Absolutely beautiful!"

Jovaughan Meek

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12u eurorack modular case golden ratio damian taylor

“It is absolutely perfect for ergonomic and how they connect and flow with the rest of my studio."

Damian Taylor
Music Producer

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Established in the Year 2010.
Made in U.S.A.

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